Characterization of antimicrobial use in beef feedlots and dairies


Team: Apley, M  (PI, KSU), Godden, S.  (Co-PI, MN)

Funding Source: FDA

The long term goal of this 5 year project is to establish a functional and efficient antibiotic use monitoring system in beef and dairy production systems which will support continued advancement of antibiotic stewardship in the United States.  A core tenet of the approach taken by the investigators is that an antibiotic use monitoring system is best developed by food animal agriculture so that meaningful benchmarking components may be established.  Specific aims for year 1. Are as follows:

  1. Collect antibiotic use data from beef feedlots and dairies while documenting available record systems.
  2. Establish a scalable system to create an aggregate report of antibiotic use in these facilities using multiple metrics.
  3. Provide benchmark reports back to each participating facility.
  4. Establish a relationship with the USDA Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health whereby they will consult on future data-gathering design structures for industry representation and also serve as data structure and report construction auditors.
  5. Provide an estimate of resources required to expand this program to a representative sample of the beef and dairy industries on a yearly basis.
  6. Identify optimal record system formats and explore ways to expand their use in the beef and dairy industries.