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The association between daily average feeding behaviors and morbidity in automatically fed group-housed pre-weaned dairy calves
   J Dairy Sci. on 05/03/2017, by W. Knauer, SM. Godden, A. Dietrich, RE. James

Technical Note: Preliminary evaluation of an automated indwelling rumen temperature bolus measurement system to detect pyrexia in preweaned dairy calves
   J Dairy Sci. on 10/13/2016, by W. Knauer, SM. Godden, N. McDonald

Heat-treated (in single aliquot or batch) colostrum outperforms non-heat-treated colostrum in terms of quality and transfer of immunoglobulin G in neonatal Jersey calves.
   J Dairy Sci. on 01/15/2015, by Kryzer AA1, Godden SM2, Schell R3.

Addition of gut active carbohydrates to colostrum replacer does not improve passive transfer of immunoglobulin G in Holstein dairy calves.
   J. Dairy Sci. on 07/11/2014, by Villettaz Robichaud M1, Godden SM2, Haines DM3, Haley DB4, Pearl DL4.

Colostrum supplements and replacers--do they have a role on your dairy?
   Dairy Star on 07/12/2014, by Godden, Sandra


"Feeding calves as groupies: pros, cons, and best management practices" Hoard's Dairyman Webinar June 8, 2015 presented by Sandra Godden


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